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Air Conditioning

Geebung Truck and Car Centre’s Air Conditioning Technicians are the best and ensure that your car is cool and comfortable whilst travelling.

Don’t be like the majority of us, who only think about our air conditioning when it is not working. Annual servicing of your air conditioning unit will ensure it is always working at an optimal level and will also prevent some of the more expensive repairs required by poorly maintained air conditioning units. Our technicians are very good at detecting underlying problems with your air conditioning.

There are many reasons for poor cooling in your car and we can help with diagnosing the problem whether it be a slow leak, or a blockage in the system. Minor leaks of refrigerant in some cars happens, but to be safe give us a call.

Newer model vehicles have external filters which keeps the inside of the car cleaner. These need to be cleaned regularly – dirty filters can block the air flow into the cabin. If the car has an odd smell on start-up, this could be a dirty or mouldy filter or evaporator. This needs to be checked out.

Regular maintenance is essential for the optimum performance of your air conditioning unit.

With the continuing improvement of air conditioning system and the ever increasing environmental concerns, our technicians stay up to date with the latest technology.

Geebung Truck and Car Centre offer the most comprehensive Inspection available of your vehicles air conditioning system. Any serious concerns we have, will be discussed with you before progressing on the repairs.

We all appreciate the value of money and will do only what is required to give you the optimum from your air conditioning system. If your vehicle’s air conditioner constantly needs re-gassing, then there is a bigger problem present. We will solve the problem in the most cost effective manner.

Air conditioning servicing is not part of the general servicing of vehicles, and most car manufacturers recommend, at minimum, a recharge of gas and lubricant every two years.

Our team of dedicated and helpful technicians are qualified to the Australian Refrigeration Council standards and our workshop is registered under ARC certification AU39434 to handle refrigerants safely, we have the latest diagnostic equipment and all work is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.


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